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Covid-19 and FIDIC contracts – what protections and entitlements?

By |May 22nd, 2020|

Covid-19 has had huge consequences around the world and unfortunately this looks set to continue. In this article we consider the protection and entitlements (for Force Majeure and otherwise) which may be available to parties under FIDIC contracts for the pandemic and its consequences. We focus on the 1999 forms but briefly consider differences in the 2017 forms. We also consider the role that applicable laws may play and what parties should be aware of going forward. Force Majeure under FIDIC 1999 Under the FIDIC 1999 forms of contract, if either Party is prevented from performance of its obligations by

FIDIC 1999 Upgrade Launched

By |July 17th, 2018|

Corbett & Co. has published its selection of the best bits of the FIDIC 2017 2nd Editions adapted for use with the 1999 forms. With many people put off by the 50,000+ words of the new editions, the FIDIC 1999 Upgrade will permit users to benefit from FIDIC’s new ideas and improvements.

FIDIC 2017 – Clauses & Articles

By |January 27th, 2018|

FIDIC 2017 – A Practical Legal Guide – Errata. Click on any of the documents below to read Corbett & Co.'s articles on FIDIC 2017 clauses: - - Sub-Clause 1.15 - Limitation of Liability- Clause 2 - The Employer- Clause 3 - The Engineer- Clause 4 - The Contractor- Clause 5 - Design- Clause 6 - Staff and Labour- Clause 7 - Plant Materials and Workmanship- Clause 8 - Commencement Delays and Suspension- Clause 9 - Tests on Completion- Clause 10 - Employers Taking Over- Clause 12 - Tests after Completion- Clause 13 - Variations and Adjustments- Clause 14 -

FIDIC 2017 – Corbett & Co.’s Guide to the Main Changes

By |January 23rd, 2018|

In December 2017, FIDIC launched its long-awaited 2nd Editions of the Red, Yellow and Silver Books. In these articles, the FIDIC specialists at Corbett & Co. identify and comment on the main changes in the new Yellow Book.....New vocabulary that users will have to learn include definitions of Notice, Claim and Dispute as well as Notice of No-objection and Review....

Knowledge Hub – FIDIC 1999 Books Clause Commentaries

By |December 21st, 2016|

Click on any of the documents below to read Corbett & Co.'s helpful commentary on FIDIC 1999 books clause commentaries: - FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 1 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 2 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 3 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 4 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 5 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 6 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 7 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 8 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause 9 FIDIC 1999 Books - Commentary on Clause

Knowledge Hub – externally published articles

By |December 9th, 2015|

Articles on Arbitration The Need For Reasons - O, Reason Not The Need  Cutting the Gordian Knot Contracts rights of third parties act. Delay in Commencement.pdf Incorporation Revisited.pdf Incorporation.pdf Scott v Avery.pdf Serious irregularity.pdf Commencement-and-time-bars.pdf Appeals under S69 of the English Arbitration Act 1996 Enforcement of Declarations-West Tankers Section 69 -Of Chablis Smoked Salmon and Trifles Confidentiality in Arbitration & The Public Interest Exception Enforcing Arbitration Awards Contrary to Public Policy in England FIDIC Articles The Courtesy trap - FIDIC's Sub-Clause 20.5 Amicable Settlement and Emirates Trading Comparison between the Red Book 1999 and the Pink Book 2010 FIDIC  -

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