FIDIC 2017 – A Practical Legal Guide

We have published our clause-by-clause guide to the Yellow, Red and Silver books 2017 in both hard copy and e-book format. To find out more visit our shop section.

FIDIC Case List

Our list of cases and publicly available arbitration awards is available HERE.

FIDIC, the Federation International des Ingenieurs-Conseils, is an association of international consulting engineers. They have produced standard forms of contract for civil engineering projects since 1957. The FIDIC forms of contract are perhaps the most widely used forms for construction and engineering works but, like all standard forms, they need to be adapted to the needs of the parties and the particular circumstances of the project. Care needs to be taken when disputes arise as the Employer or the Contractor may find that their claims are time barred if they do not follow the specific contractual requirements.

Corbett & Co. are experts on FIDIC and we have been involved in the drafting of several of the FIDIC forms of contract. Edward Corbett was a member of the FIDIC Task Groups responsible for the drafting of the FIDIC Blue Book, the FIDIC Green Book, and the FIDIC Conditions of Subcontract for Construction for use with the 1999 Red Book.

Edward Corbett is the author of “FIDIC 4th: A Practical Legal Guide” published in 1991, and our lawyers have published numerous articles on all FIDIC forms of contract.

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