Corbett & Co’s lawyers are experienced in railway projects and have worked in places as far apart as England, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. We have experience dealing with the construction of railway stations, signalling, track and civil engineering works. Railway rehabilitation projects typically involve a complex interaction between many different work packages ranging from electrification, signalling, construction of track and stations to bridgeworks. Corbett & Co takes a hands-on approach to resolving disputes by working with clients on site in order to understand how the problems with such complex projects have arisen and then propose effective solutions.

Corbett & Co has advised on numerous technical issues in this sector. Some of these issues are peculiar to railway projects and others relate to construction generally. Our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with delay and disruption claims, extension of time claims, claims for additional quantities and variations. We have also dealt with many claims which relate to unforeseen ground conditions and force majeure events. More technical issues have related to the construction of bridges, signalling systems and the co-ordination between various contractors. We work closely with programming and quantum experts, engineers and local lawyers in order to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs in relation to any particular dispute.

Many of the contracts have been under the FIDIC conditions of contract. Our experience with these forms of contract marks us out from our competitors.