Corbett & Co’s lawyers have experience in dredging works across Europe, India, Asia and Australia. Edward Corbett is one of the leading experts in this field, having assisted in the drafting of the FIDIC Blue Book. Corbett & Co has worked on a variety of projects from land reclamation and beach nourishment to maintenance and capital dredging works. We have experience of all types of dredging equipment such as submersible dredgers, trailer hopper suction dredgers and cutter-suction dredgers.

We have undertaken a broad range of work. We have assisted clients at the procurement stages and drafted and reviewed specific conditions of contract under FIDIC’s Blue Book, Yellow Book and Orange Book. We have represented clients before Dispute Boards and in arbitration and prepared claims for submission to an engineer. We have assisted in the preparation of claims and counterclaims relating to delays caused by the discovery of unexploded ordnance and unforeseen ground conditions.