Corbett & Co’s lawyers have worked on a diverse range of projects from the redevelopment of a luxury home in London to the construction of over a thousand flats in Southern Europe. Our lawyers have worked on cases involving the development of residential complexes, hotels, restaurants, museums, television studios, nurseries, student accommodation and shopping centres.

We have been involved with projects as far apart as the Ukraine, the Seychelles, the Sudan, Romania, Kuwait, Russia and Gibraltar. We have a wealth of experience working on projects in the United Kingdom with one of our lawyers, Dominic Helps, recognized as a leading construction practitioner in the UK. We are experienced in using all major forms of building contract, including the JCT forms of contract, DOM/1 and DOM/2, and the NEC forms.

We have represented clients in litigation, arbitration, adjudication, mediation, expert determination as well as in negotiation. Corbett & Co’s lawyers have had a wealth of experience dealing with the construction of buildings in the UK and abroad.