Corbett & Co’s range of experience extends from assisting in the procurement process to preparing and advising on the contract documentation to dealing with substantial disputes. We have worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In airport construction projects there will be numerous contractors working on different aspects of the works, from the civil engineering works, to M&E, and fit-out. Corbett & Co’s lawyers have had experience across a broad range of disputes from the runways to the baggage handling systems on some of the world’s most high profile airports, including the most expensive airport project ever.

A significant ICC arbitration in which we were involved related to the construction of an airport in the Middle East. Following an invasion of the country and destruction of much of the documentation relevant to the claim, we had to piece together the story from witnesses of fact, many of whom lived in different continents. Thirteen years after the works stopped Corbett & Co successfully concluded an arbitration for the M&E contractor.

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