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  • FIDIC 2022 Reprints: 10 Key Areas Of Change In The FIDIC Red Book 2017

    FIDIC ‘launched’ the FIDIC 2022 reprints at the FIDIC International Construction Users’ Conference 2022, in London. The reception to the changes was mixed – some embraced the clarity; others questioned the significance and cost. This article draws your attention to 10 of the key areas of change in respect of the FIDIC Red Book 2017 including the definition of Claim, matters to be agreed or determined, the definition of Dispute and Exceptional Events.

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  • FIDIC contracts—introduction to the FIDIC Green Book 2021

    This Practice Note is an introduction to the FIDIC Green Book 2021 (the Short Form of Contract). It is not a fully detailed clause-by-clause commentary. This article was first published by LexisPSL

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  • The 12 Worst Things About FIDIC 2017 – A Christmas Special

    The FIDIC 2017 forms first appeared at the December FIDIC Users’ Conference four years ago. No one has suggested that the FIDIC 2017 forms of contract did not rectify some of the problems in the FIDIC 1999 forms, and in Edward Corbett’s articles,[1] ‘Cherry Picking FIDIC 2017,’ and ‘FIDIC 2017 – First Impressions of the 3-Kilo Suite’, he considered some of these changes. This new suite of contracts had, at best, a lukewarm reception when they were first reviewed, with some commentators complaining about the length of these new contracts and that the contracts had not taken account of criticisms that had been made by reviewers. This article looks at the twelve worst ‘gifts’ that FIDIC gave to us for Christmas 2017.

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  • Edward Corbett is the Principal of the new College of Independent Trainers (CIT)

    The College of Independent Trainers has been launched and FIDIC training organisations and individual trainers at CIFT are already offering a variety of public and in-house courses for 2023 in person or online.

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  • Corbett & Co. Counsel, Victoria Tyson features in Infrastructure Global

    In her article, Victoria writes about the likelihood of growing legal challenges and how best to prepare, amid the ongoing global shocks of the pandemic, war, escalating costs and skills shortages, among other challenges.

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  • Corbett & Co. Counsel, Taner Dedezade spoke at the FIDIC International Contract Users’ Conference Forum & Workshop

    Corbett & Co. Counsel, Taner Dedezade was a speaker in a forum on dispute avoidance and adjudication forum as well as running a FIDIC Claims Workshop at at The Official FIDIC International Contract Users’ Conference.

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