Corbett & Co recognizes that highly complex litigation requires a high level of skill. We have had significant experience in drafting claims and applications to the court. Most of our lawyers have advocacy experience. Some of our lawyers first qualified as barristers and others hold rights of audience in the civil courts. This gives us an advantage over many other firms of solicitors in that we have had direct experience of how cases should be presented in the highest courts.

We often work with barristers in the preparation of large and complex claims. Corbett & Co has excellent working relationships with all the leading sets of construction barristers in London. However, unlike many firms, we do not simply hand over cases to barristers. Our involvement with many cases is from start to finish and that means that we will provide significant input into the preparation of a claim. Our lawyers regularly draft the claim, prepare the witness statements, work with experts and take the client through the obligations of disclosure. We can advise on appeals and enforcement in England and, with the assistance of other lawyers, abroad.