Corbett & Co has been involved in the drafting of several of the FIDIC standard forms of contract. Our lawyers reviewed and commented on draft versions of the FIDIC Pink Book (MDB form), the FIDIC Gold Book and the FIDIC Conditions of Subcontract for Construction. Edward Corbett was a member of the FIDIC Task Groups responsible for the drafting of the FIDIC Blue Book (for dredging and reclamation works), the FIDIC Green Book (the short form of contract) and the Form of Subcontract for use with the 1999 Red Book.

We regularly provide advice on amendments to the standard FIDIC forms of contract to suit our clients’ own individual needs.

We have also had experience with many of the other forms of contract including the JCT, ICE and bespoke agreements. Many of our lawyers have, at one time or another in their practice, worked on negotiating and drafting agreements for successful projects all over the world.