Advisory Work

Problems can arise at any stage in a construction project. Early expert advice can prevent a problem becoming a dispute. Corbett & Co has a wealth of experience in giving pragmatic, commercial advice to clients throughout the life of a project.

Often it is only when relationships have already deteriorated on a project and it becomes inevitable that claims will be made that a client will seek assistance from a lawyer. Getting one’s strategy right when claims are imminent, or are being first presented, may help to limit one’s liability and may even avoid the need for a full-blown dispute resolution procedure. Clients should be aware how matters such as limitation issues, conditions precedent, evidence and jurisdiction can have an impact on the outcome of a dispute. Early strategic or tactical advice on such matters is an area where Corbett & Co can add great value.

Many of our lawyers have Masters degrees in construction law and dispute resolution. We pride ourselves on the broad knowledge we have of the industry, the law and dispute resolution. This permits us to understand each project and our clients’ own particular needs. We believe that we provide creative and effective solutions to what can sometimes be very complex problems.