Asia & Australasia

Experience includes:

  • Road projects in Vietnam, India, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Ukraine
  • Rail projects in Vietnam
  • Bridge construction in Vietnam
  • Energy and power projects in Laos, Borneo, Indonesia
  • Building projects in Hong Kong, the Seychelles, Malaysia
  • Port projects in India, Iraq
  • Dredging works in Australia, Bangladesh
  • Advising on a bond in India
  • Advising on contract conditions in Australia
  • Advising on disputes regarding waste water treatment plant in Uzbekistan
  • Hydropower Projects in Pakistan, Nepal
  • Airport project in Nepal
  • Water tunnel project in Nepal
Middle East Focus
  • Energy projects in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
  • Rail project in Abu Dhabi
  • Heavy industrial projects in Qatar, Jordan
  • Building projects in Lebanon
  • Advising on construction of a sea wall in Oman
  • Advising on a final account claim in Iran
  • Waterpark project in Abu Dhabi
  • Commercial building projects in Abu Dhabi